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In a new phishing scam, con artists are using phony caller ID numbers to solicit personal information and money. Thanks to the phony caller IDs, the "spoofers" are able to convince victims that they're receiving a call from their bank.  The scammers use this technique to acquire sensitive personal and financial information, or even money, from their victims.

The frightening aspect of this scam is that few people would ever think that the names and phone numbers appearing on their caller ID screens were not genuine. However, scammers are already using phony caller IDs and are posing as representatives of banks. The problem has reached the point where Senator Bill Nelson from Florida is sponsoring legislation to ban the transmission of false caller ID numbers.

Unfortunately, anyone with Internet access and a few dollars can find a number of legal online services that supply fake caller ID numbers.

Loss Prevention Recommendations:

Do not assume that the information displayed on your phone, regarding who the caller is, is accurate. It can easily be spoofed.

Never give out personal or financial information over the telephone unless you know EXACTLY whom you're dealing with.

If you have doubts about who's on the phone, call back the number of record at your financial institution or credit card company.


No one from BankCherokee will ever call you and ask you information about your account.

Never give anyone your personal information over the telephone or internet.

If anyone contacts you and claims to be from BankCherokee, tell that person that you will call them back, and call the bank directly.

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