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An Inspirational Afternoon at the 8th Annual Women Business Owners Event.

BankCherokee hosted its 8th annual fall event for Women Business Owners and Professionals in early November.

The afternoon event began with Neal St. Anthony of the Star Tribune providing an overview of the economy, including small business success stories. With his unparalleled access to the Twin Cities’ business leaders and their business models, he offered his unique insight regarding what to expect from the economy in the upcoming months.  

A panel of business owners and leaders followed St. Anthony’s comments.  The panelists included Cathy Hauser, owner of Amore Coffee located on Smith Avenue in West St. Paul, Jen Guarino, President, JW Hulme Co., and Jeanne Bailey, CEO of United Family Medicine.  Each of these women shared stories about the challenges they have faced in their businesses, especially over the past few years. 

For Cathy Hauser, one of the challenges she and her business partner faced was losing the lease for their original store.  Unfortunately, with the loss of that lease came the loss of some of what they had invested, both financially and emotionally in their original store.  Thankfully they had opened their store on Smith Avenue so the business continues on.

For Jen Guarino, strong growth in their company forced them to seek investors in the business, resulting in a significant decrease in her ownership in the company.

Jeanne Bailey shared the double-edged challenge of providing care for increasing numbers of people as a result of the recession while also facing a more difficult time for fund-raising.

For all three, their commitment to their businesses was very evident.  The good news is that all continue to work through these challenges and are finding their businesses increasing.

Ruth Bachman closed the program with the story of how she has dealt with the loss of part of her arm as a result of cancer.  Using an hourglass as a metaphor for her message, Ruth encouraged her audience to find and discover resources, both internal and external, to help us through the narrow spots in life.  She also talked about the importance of being present: slowing down, breathing, listening to your heart, and discovering.

As in previous years, there was also time for meeting new people and catching up with others.  Of all the seminars offered to its business customers during the year, the fall Women's Event is always the best attended.  If you missed this event and would like to receive an invitation next year, please email us at



Heidi R. Gesell
President & CEO

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