Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit


A smart way to make major purchases while enjoying the tax benefits

Homeownership gives you an opportunity to borrow against the equity of your home for most any financing need.

  • Consolidate debts
  • Take a vacation
  • Buy a new car
  • Make an investment
  • Or most anything you wish

And best of all, the interest may be tax deductible (be sure to consult your tax advisor to verify the deductibility).

You can choose from two options:

Home Equity Loan


If you know how much you need, want all the cash up front and like the dependability of a fixed interest rate and fixed payment each month, a Home Equity Loan is the best choice.

Home Equity Line of Credit


If you’re not sure how much money you need and don’t mind if your payments vary each month, a Home Equity Line of Credit is the answer. It’s a revolving credit account that gives you cash when you need it over a long period of time, with a variable interest rate.

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