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Bike Drive

Bike Drive

The people have “spoke”: BankCherokee collects 56 bikes for its annual Express Bike Shop drive

QUESTION: What do you get when you connect a group of intrepid youngsters with a glut of unclaimed bikes, an abandoned gas station…and a lot of generous BankCherokee customers?

ANSWER:  56 bikes donated to our 2018 drive for Express Bike Shop, a St. Paul non-profit that refurbishes and, well, “peddles” used bikes through a youth-centered apprenticeship program that helps teens learn bike repair, work and entrepreneurial skills, and small business operations!

Every autumn since 2016, BankCherokee has collected bikes for donation to Express Bike Shop. The innovative shop was formed in 1995, after students who completed a job service program were having challenges finding jobs. In the meantime, they discovered at the St. Paul Police Department a supply of bikes destined for the scrapyard. They brainstormed, took over an old filling station, and opened Express Bike Shop.

Over 20 years later, Express thrives, in part to BankCherokee customers and staff, who again this year “de-biked” their garages and sheds, loaded up their rigs, and generously hauled their loot over to us. In the end—filling the cargo bed of a large pick-up truck more than once—BankCherokee delivered 56 bikes to Express!

Thanks to all who contributed. Did you miss out on our drive? Express Bike Shop accepts all kinds of bikes—even “unfixable” ones, which are used for parts—throughout the year. Visit for specifics.

Oct 26 | 9:30am
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