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Volunteering at The Sheridan Story

Community is all about us working together. It's what makes our community a great place to live.

Each year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day the team at BankCherokee gathers together to volunteer and this year was no different. This year we were honored to pack food bags for The Sheridan Story. Our packing efforts generated 7,337 meals for their Weekend Food Program.

Over 200,000 children in Minnesota don’t always have access to the nutrition they need to learn and grow. This is a horrible reality for so many kids in our community. The Sheridan Story focuses on the weekend food gap when children aren’t able to receive free and reduced meal programs at school.

The Sheridan Story is a mobile delivery solution, providing food to children right where they are – at school. Their broad network provides 4-5 pounds of substantive, nutritious food directly to the children – at the end of each school week, they put the food into the child's backpack for them to take home.

BankCherokee partners with The Sheridan Story by sponsoring Adams Spanish Immersion School. Each Friday during the school year, BankCherokee provides food packs to students and their families to help cover food shortages that may exist in the home during the weekend.

If you would like to learn more about or support this great organization you can visit their website at

Feb 21 | 2:00pm
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